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October 11th, 2007

What's your blood type?

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National Marrow Donor Program Registry

On any given day, more than six thousand people are searching the National Marrow Donor Program Registry, trying to find a bone marrow donor who's a match for themselves or someone close to them who is terribly ill.

These people – men, women and children from every walk of life - have leukemia, lymphoma, aplastic anemia and other life threatening illnesses that can best be treated with a bone marrow (or cord blood, but I know diddly about that) transplant. For most of these people, the transplant is their best – sometimes, their only – hope for a cure. Without it, many of them will die.

There are millions of people who need a bone marrow transplant in order to be healthy again. In order to survive whatever illness is plaguing them. They search, or their doctors search, or their loved ones search, trying to find a match. But there isn't one. The Donor Registry is large, but it doesn't contain everyone. I'm writing this to encourage you to consider adding your information to the Registry, and perhaps become a bone marrow donor at some point. If you're a match for someone.

If you're not a match for someone you know, you might be a match for someone else. I'm a member of the National Marrow Donor Program Registry and have been for years. I dug out my Registry card to make sure I'm up to date in terms of contact information. I'm still helpless at this point, because I'm not a match for Minxie. One of you might be.

I encourage everyone to click the link above, read the information, be sure you understand it, and go have the testing done. If you have questions, feel free to email me or catch me on Yahoo or AIM. I'll be happy to talk to you about it, and tell you as much as I can. I'm no expert, you understand, but I'll do my best to answer your questions. The initial testing is fairly simple. No more than a blood sample is needed. If you're a match for someone, then there are other considerations. The people at the Registry would be able to answer those questions better than I can, to be sure.

Right now, this minute, it's personal. Because it's Minxie. Y'all know how I feel about her, if you know either of us at all. If we were ten, we'd have matching BFF bracelets or something. I love her, and she's sick, and I can't really do anything to make her better. I can't begin to explain how much I want to fix things - right NOW this minute - for her. But I can't. She's one of my closest friends, and this is the only thing I can do to help her right now. My tissue isn't even close to a match for her. One of you might be.

On a larger scale, though, it's not so personal. It's a vitally necessary thing for many people. Donating bone marrow, while not without risk, is still a reasonably safe procedure, from the Donor's perspective. It can save a life. It can keep a family together. It can ensure a mother lives long enough to raise her children. It can ensure a child lives long enough to find their purpose in life, and has a chance to fulfill it. That's a big deal – racks up huge positive Karma, if you believe in such things.

If your blood type does not contain the Rh factor – in other words, if you're AB negative, or O negative, or A or B negative - this post is particularly aimed at you. That's the personal part kicking in. Minxie's blood type is the rarest, most special of 'em all, and it's going to take some work to find her a match. It's more complicated than just blood type. Click the link – read the information. Join the Registry, if you're able. Thank you.

Here's some more info about bone marrow transplants: http://www.neutropenia.ca/research/facts.html

September 14th, 2007

gakked from everyone

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Is anyone shocked?

Klein Sexual Orientation Grid

I scored an average of 5.1

01 2 3 4 5

HeterosexualBisexual Homosexual


This result can also be related to the Kinsey Scale:

0 = exclusively heterosexual
1 = predominantly heterosexual, incidentally homosexual
2 = predominantly heterosexual, but more
than incidentally homosexual
3 = equally heterosexual and homosexual
4 = predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally
5 = predominantly homosexual, incidentally heterosexual
6 = exclusively homosexual


The idea of this excercise is to understand exactly how dynamic a person's sexual orientation can be, as well as how fluid it can be over a person's lifespan. While a person's number of actual homo/heterosexual encounters may be easy to categorize, their actual orientation may be completely different. Simple labels like "homosexual", "heterosexual", and "bisexual" need not be the only three options available to us.

Take the quiz

Am so behind on IJ it's not remotely amusing. Am caught up on household stuff. Had a lovely dinner tonight...then a spot of bad news when I checked my voice mail. Not about the ab-fab job, but the temp job is over. Abruptly. For no reason. So I'll be able to work more hours at the shelter, which is great, if the hours are available, but...if they're not, I'm a bit screwed. Spent the last three hours putting in applications for everything under the sun.

Did the career thingy. It said I should be a nurse. About five times. I can't actually afford to be a nurse. I could get financial aid, to be sure, and it's a two year program around here to get an RN, assuming I could get accepted to a program that starts ASAP, but...how would I pay the bills in the meantime? Full time school, plus part time job does not equal survival. Not to mention when would I study? There's got to be studying involved. *contemplates becoming a CNA or something else that doesn't require two years - minimum - of schooling*. How much do CNA's make? Is it difficult to get hired with zero experience?

I'm off to bed. I need to be up early to find something else to do to pay the bills.

ETA: How do I turn my friends only post into a sticky post? I think having it front dated as it is is messing things up?

September 11th, 2007

music and such...

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I've been feeling music deprived lately, hence my requests for various song files. I'd just about decided to get this pay service that a lot of people said was pretty good, but I still can't afford stuff like that just yet. Three bucks is still a gallon of gas, rather than a minor indulgence, but not for long :)

So, yesterday, I downloaded bearshare - you can find 'em at http://www.bearshare.com/ I was ambivalent about doing so, because I used to use it several years ago, and ended up killing it off my 'puter because of the adware and spyware. Which took AVG about six seconds to fix, but still... The new version (6.1) has no icky hidden files. It's short to download and set up. There are megatons of music files, video files, etc, available for download, and I personally increased the number of music files on my hard drive from 326 to 607 in less than two hours. More like an hour and twenty minutes, not counting search time. It downloads FAST. *does lil twirl of happiness* I'd've done more, but, you know...I have to sleep at least once a day whether I want to or not.

Plus, there's this nifty feature that I love so very much. Say you search for 'Paradise by the Dashboard Lights' by Meatloaf. A lil box at the top of the screen allows you to download the entire Bat Out Of Hell CD, in the correct track order, if you want to. How convenient is that? I ended up with six or seven full CD's, plus a bunch of obscure Indigo Girls songs that I already have on CD (wanted a backup, in case I break 'em or something), and a song by Jewell called "Love Me, Leave Me Alone", which is nearly as good of a 'fuck you' song as the one by Panic! At the Disco. At one point, she shrieks the chorus, which made me laugh.

Then I got a whole bunch of other stuff that I actually like to listen to when I'm in a good mood *g*. You can search in fairly vague terms, too. I wanted the theme song from Charmed, so I typed in 'charmed theme' and it was right there. It's by Love Spit Love, but the title eludes me at the moment. 'Where Is Now?' maybe? I dunno. Good song, though. I found some Nickleback, some Joan Baez, some Joni Mitchell, some Sophie B. Hawkins (Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover) a buttload of Metallica, Cream, Chicago, Boston, Melissa Etheridge, Heart, Cat Powers (indie chick, interesting voice - check her out), some jazz and blues miscellany (for a certain UnEvil OverLady's coming natal day), and I'm not even close to done. At one point, I had four thousand unique tracks on my hard drive. I want 'em back. *le sigh*

My daughter is appalled that I listen to 'her' music. *snickers* She'll learn to cope.

I woke up this morning, got out of bed, and nearly froze to death. Not really, but it was FIFTY EIGHT degrees here. Autumn is definitely upon us (even though we hit eighty degrees this afternoon). There's a bite in the early morning air, the colors are crisper and sharper than they have been since May, the birds are fleeing, the raccoon family is building a den or something just inside the woods, and leaves are drifting to the ground almost before they change color. Two more weeks, and they'll be bright yellow, burnt orange, and vivid scarlet. And the grounds crew for this complex will still not have picked them up.

Witchy Stuff )

Heh. Mandy ended up adopting a pair of kittens yesterday. She called to tell me about it, and I'm going over there tomorrow to help her settle 'em down - and have dinner. She cooks! I cook too, but still...it's nice to know she can cook. She is so excited about being a new staff member for the kitties - it's totally cute, and we had a lovely talk while I fought traffic on my way home from work.

The kittens are adorable - a brother sister pair, but they don't look alike at all. The girl is silvery blue with slate blue eyes, and the boy is black with hazel eyes. Both of 'em are long skinny domestic shorthairs, though, so hairballs will be minimal. I remember these two; they're pretty well behaved and probably won't destroy her house. Much. I'm taking kitten treats for the feline residents, and a bottle of wine for us to share :)

Ran into an old friend this morning at QT...in Westport, of all places. That's where I work (Westport, not QT), but nowhere near where I live, or where my friend lives. I was running late and needed coffee desperately, so we didn't have time to chat, but we did exchange phone numbers and email addresses, so I'm hoping to renew that friendship, too. I used to work with Vicky, about *thinks* nine years ago or so, and she's Dianic Wiccan (I used to be, till I went mostly solitary about ten years back) so I'm looking forward to making/having another friend to talk pagan stuff with. *makes note to email her before I go to bed tonight*

I'm so behind on the F-list it's not even funny. I owe comments like whoa (and a couple phone calls, too), and there's eleventy bajillion links I have saved to read. If I haven't got to yours yet, it's not for lack of interest, honest. It's all about lack of time. *sigh* I'm gonna try and get partially caught up in a minute.

I hope everyone's having a lovely week, and enjoying the cessation of heatwave, if it's leaving your area. Watch out for hurricanes and birds running rampant, k?

*hugs you all*

September 9th, 2007

Friends ONLY

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This journal is now friends locked, though all the previous entries are not locked yet. I have to do it one by one, so I'll get to that as I have time.

My exwife is a ginormous pain in the arse, thus...I've chosen to F-lock all future posts, and most of the real life ones, and probably the fic too. She might decide to report me to the FBI or something.

Comment here if you'd like to be added and I don't actually know you already from LJ. If I do know you, no need to comment unless you want to.

ETA: If you're already on my F-list, I'm not taking you off, no worries. I think she's lurking, and I thought the beauty of IJ was that I wouldn't have to lock posts. Alas, I'm gonna have to, at least the personal ones. Not sure on the fic yet.

I don't really think she'd report me to the FBI, but you know...she's a whackjob. We'll see.

ETA the second, 9/21/7 I'm not making this journal friends only. It's entirely too much work, and frankly, she's not worth the effort. I'll lock the posts I want to lock, and the hell with everything else.

September 2nd, 2007

Happy Birthday, [info]chiralove

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dear Lyv
to you!

You're an amazing friend, a fabulous writer, and one of the most interesting people I know. I hope your day is everything you want it to be :)

FIC: Heat and Light; Hermione/Luna

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Title: Heat and Light
Author: [info]jadzia7667
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2678
Challenge: Bringing Back the Porn for Minxie
Pairing: Hermione/Luna
Disclaimer: Not mine. The characters belong to JKR. No money is made from this work of fiction that contains fictional characters from a fictional universe.
Warnings: Ignores the epilogue. Graphic oral sex. Outdoor sex. First time. PWP.
Summary: Hermione drowses by the pond. Then…she awakens.
A/N: Everyone's of age here. Huge hugs and glomps and thanks to [info]lilyseyes for discussing this with me, dissolving the blockage, and suggesting a swim.
Beta: Unbeta'd, but I proofed it properly.

Heat and Light )

August 26th, 2007

Book Meme

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You're Cry, the Beloved Country!

by Alan Paton

Life is exceedingly difficult right now, especially when you put more
miles between yourself and your hometown. But with all sorts of personal and profound
convictions, you are able to keep a level head and still try to help folks, no matter
how much they harm you. You walk through a land of natural beauty and daily horror. In
the end, far too much is a matter of black and white.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

This is fairly interesting - I'm glad I don't feel like this all the time, though.

*zips off to work* Have a marvelous day :)

August 17th, 2007

personality meme

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IJ is down just now, so posting this here before I lose the code.

Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)

Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

I thought this was pretty interesting.

Good day. Tired now. Percolating porn. Reading F-list. *ponders* I might need to locate sustenance soon.

August 13th, 2007

Journal Styles

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How can I get my tags to show in my IJ? Do I have to choose a different style, or is there some arcane way to turn on the tag list? *frustrated* I just spent four hours re-tagging all my entries, and nobody can USE the tags. *sniffle*

ETA: OK, I switched to Bloggish, because it lets my tag list show. Anybody know how to adjust the colors? Cuz this is nice, but not quite what I want.

ETA the second: Thanks to Loupgarou1750 and Snakeling for the instructions. I couldn't get 'em to work, but they were very clear and easy to understand. I didn't do it wrong, I don't think - it just didn't work.

August 12th, 2007

Happiness is...

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Chocolate fudge cake, with sugar free icing, so I don't have to feel quite so guilty for scarfing it.

Having an excellent time at work. Whee! I successfully resisted the urge to adopt the sweetest lil kitties today. They are calico brothers with pretty green eyes. It was amusing to watch people maneuver around our entirely too small parking lot, too.

The Love Meme over at Eeyore9990's IJ. IJ is down just now, but it'll be back.

A daughter who vacuums just as I'm returning from work - the entire house. *snuggles her baby again*

Allergy medicine that works. Quickly. Ditto for asthma breathing treatment.

Fresh coffee, enough sugar substitute to last me a bit, and sugar free cream in French Vanilla. Yum.

The absence of stress for several more hours.

A distinct lack of laundry to do.

Being flirted at by a twenty one year old baby dyke. *g* Cute as a button, she was. It was quite flattering.

A stack of books I haven't read yet.

Signing up for a fic exchange, secure in the knowledge that I'll have enough time to complete it. Not to mention some comfidence that my creativity is coming back a bit.

Cooler breezes, lack of clouds, and a peripheral sighting of a fox in the woods.

Comfy telephone conversations with a brilliant friend who simply called to ask how my day was.

Candles that smell of the sea.

My lovely, wonderful F-list.

Purple sparkly silliness :)

Problems are problems, and I've got plenty of those, but today is a day to count blessings, so there's a few.

August 11th, 2007

Pimpin' like mad

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A Severus Snape/Harry Potter Anonymous Holiday Exchange

What is the Snarry Holidays Fest?

Snarry Holidays is an anonymous holiday gift exchange fest for Snape/Harry fans on InsaneJournal. Participants will give and receive art or fic centered around the Snarry pairing (slash, pre-slash, or gen).

Please feel free to friend or join the community!

Sign-ups begin August 21st!


It's possible I may not be online much in a week or so, depending on how various situations play out. If that happens, I'll be using dial-up for the interim, thus won't be here much because dial up takes forever, and one thing I'm losing with my job and a half is time on the 'puter. I'll manage time for email, probably, and that's about it. However, sometime in September, I will be back. So if I disappear, don't flip. Those of you who have my cell number can always get 'hold of me.

It's my intention to sign up for snarry holidays. Even if I'm not here, I'm determined to write something in plenty of time for the submission date.

Work was good; really good, in fact. It was fun, and not as messy as I'd thought. I'm glad to be going back tomorrow :)

M'tired now, so am going to veg out, read the flist and be still awhile. Oh, and do the love meme thing on Eey's journal :)

August 9th, 2007

Government Tests New 'Puke-Ray'

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LMFAO...from AOL's front page.


August 5th, 2007


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I just got JournalFen working. You can find me there at: http://www.journalfen.net/users/jadzia7667

No idea how many people are using that site, but if you are, please friend me and I'll friend you back. My journal there is empty just now, but I'll fill it up at some point.

August 4th, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen...may I direct your attention

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To this link: http://www.greatestjournal.com/community/fandomtossed/49944.html

There are two excellent ideas in that post, regarding fighting back.

I also encourage you to write/email/call LJ/6A's advertisers to let 'em know you're unhappy.

Cross posted to my other journals :)

August 3rd, 2007

I'm here, I'm here!

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Will get a paid account later. I'm very pleased with how easy this was to set up, and how easy it is to use.

I can also be found, under the very same user name, at GJ and LJ.

GJ and IJ

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All my stuff is exported to IJ. I'm also on GJ and JF.

Here's my GJ linkage: http://jadzia7667.greatestjournal.com/

Here's my JF linkage: http://www.journalfen.net/users/jadzia7667/

I won't be posting at LJ anymore. At all.

FIC: Mistaken Identity; Harry/Bill, Post DH, PG

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Title: Mistaken Identity
Author: [info]jadzia7667
Rating: PG, at most
Word count: 1154
Pairing: Harry/Bill
Disclaimer: Not mine. They’re hers.
Warnings: post DH spoilers by inference
Summary: Harry's birthday brings a rather different gift than he'd thought…
Beta: The lovely [info]florida_minxie. Thank you, sweetie :)

Mistaken Identity )

August 2nd, 2007

nicked from someone

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Here's the meme instructions:

1. Go to fanfiction.net.
2. Seach in Harry Potter fanfiction for summaries with your name in them.
3. Post. Try not to snicker. Snicker a lot.

Here's the results )

August 1st, 2007

a fannish thing

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Go to that site for excellent wallpaper, buddy icons, and the like. Plus, it plays the soundtrack for as long as you leave the site up.

*drools over Tonks* She'll make lovely wallpaper for the next little while.

*wanders off to scarf pizza*

July 30th, 2007

Katie Melua

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Does anyone have any of her songs or CDs? I've just listened to 'Piece by Piece' and am dying for more of this talented young woman :)
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