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Original Fic: Stacks

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This is the first in a series of stories I'm working on. It's not chan and not part of any fandom. There may be prequels; there will certainly be other stories in this universe.

Title: Stacks
Author: Jadzia7667
Pairing: Trish/the girl
Rating: PG+
Summary: A quiet interlude amongst the stacks.
Beta: [info]florida_minxie

The librarian turned to watch the girl. Her glasses fogged up slightly and she caught her breath in mute admiration. The girl turned the corner toward the reference room, derriere swaying slightly. She looked back over her shoulder. An involuntary moan of visual pleasure caught in Trish’s throat. The girl was beautiful; cascades of soft umber hair tumbled around her caramel touched face. Her chocolate eyes sparkled with mischief and glowed with promise. Full rose touched lips tipped up in a smirk, widened in a welcoming smile, parted in surprised pleasure. Her petite frame barely rose to Trish’s shoulder; she reflected that the girl was perfectly formed and nicely rounded in the most significant places. Trish thought she could stare at the girl’s gently rounded hips and tapering legs for a very long time before wanting to do anything else.

The book she was holding smelled of fresh paper and new leather. Trish cradled it in trembling hands. This book needed to be shelved personally. She chuckled to herself as she strode out from behind the desk, making a beeline for the reference room. She paused at the doorway, touched a hand to her own fiery chignon to smooth back any stray strands, and licked her lips. She reached up to adjust her glasses on her nose, then tugged her brief skirt down, erasing any wrinkles.

Glancing around briefly to ensure their privacy, Trish shut the door behind her. She glided soundlessly towards the oak table, where the girl had spread her books and papers out. She was curled up in the chair, one leg tucked beneath her, the other curled around the leg of the utilitarian seat. She had an open notebook to her right, and a heavy book spread open in front of her. A black backpack sat to her left, papers and pens spilling from its mouth. There was an imposing stack of reference material perched on the edge of the table; quietly, Trish moved it to a more secure spot, further from the girl.

The air was redolent with spring; through an open window Trish could smell the sunshine and fresh grass on the slight breeze. Beneath that was the spicy scent of the girl’s perfume mixed with the distinct odor of ink, paper and binding glue that seemed unique to libraries. Trish paused to simply drink in the girl for a long moment.

From her posture, one might have thought her completely immersed in research; Trish knew better. If one were inclined to look carefully, and Trish was, one could see the anticipation in the lines of the girl’s back, in the slight hitch in her breathing, in the subdued passion of the girl’s glance from beneath impossibly long lashes.

Trish laid the book on the table with a solid thunk. “I thought you might need this.” Her tone was husky; she wasn’t referring to the book. Trish moved to stand behind the girl then. Her hands went to the girl’s shoulders and she squeezed them gently, massaging the tension away. The girl leaned into her touch with a satisfied sigh.

Trish’s lips curved in a smile; she bent forward to speak into the girl’s ear. If her lips brushed that delicious curve in her quest to glean information, well, it was only to be expected. “How was your test?”

The girl shivered delightfully. “It was fine. I have an hour until my next class.” She twisted around until she was looking at Trish and parted her lips. Trish kept her hands on the girl’s shoulders, noting the change in texture as the girl moved under her hands. She exhaled slowly and rested her forehead against the girl’s. Trish breathed in her scent, reached to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear and angled her mouth to cover the girl’s.

As it always did, the contact electrified both of them. The girl rose on her knees, shifting closer so that Trish could enfold her in a warm embrace. Their lips moved together sensually, reaffirming their desire and kindling new sparks of arousal. Trish stroked her hands down the girl’s back, and arched into the feeling of those soft hands clutching her shoulders. She drew the girl closer to her and deepened the kiss.

Her tongue slid out to chase the girl’s; she caught it and sucked it gently. The taste of the girl was warm and familiar, faintly minty and utterly mouth watering. Trish never tired of kissing this girl, never tired of touching her. Her hands slid down the girl’s arms, stroking the silky skin reverently.

They were both panting and flushed when they broke that kiss, several moments later. The girl smiled at Trish, eyes glowing, cheeks tinted a faint pink. Trish drew her completely off the chair and held her close, resting her cheek on the girl’s soft hair. Her arms tucked the girl safely against her own body; the girl’s arms encircled her waist, one hand resting on Trish’s hip. She hummed contentedly, needing the relatively chaste contact as desert flowers needed rain to survive.

They stood like that for a long while, whispering to one another of inconsequential things; what to have for dinner, errands they needed to complete before leaving the campus for the weekend, their plans for a long lazy two days spent together. Interspersed with this relative tranquility were more kisses. Long, slow, deep, drugging kisses of passion and promise that sparked urgent need in both of them.

They could have slaked their thirst for one another completely, had they chosen to. There was no one to observe just how long the Head Librarian was away from the desk, tending to the needs of a studious girl. There was no one to take note of whether or not the student attended her next class, or even the one after that. However, both women had learned the value of carefully stoking the fires between them. Both were responsible adults; they had duties to attend to before they could relax completely and bask in the joy of one another.

Reluctantly, they parted some time later. The girl snickered, “I didn’t get much research done, did I?”

Trish smirked at her. “Did you expect to?”

The girl’s answering smirk warmed her to her toes. “Of course not. Besides, my paper isn’t due for two weeks yet.”

Trish kissed the girl once more, and helped her gather her things so she could be off to class. She patted that distracting bottom once more and opened the door, sending them both reluctantly back to the wider world. She knew it wouldn’t be long before the week would be over. They’d head home and finish what they’d started, here among the reference stacks.

The End…for now
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