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FIC: Mistaken Identity; Harry/Bill, Post DH, PG

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FIC: Mistaken Identity; Harry/Bill, Post DH, PG

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Title: Mistaken Identity
Author: [info]jadzia7667
Rating: PG, at most
Word count: 1154
Pairing: Harry/Bill
Disclaimer: Not mine. They’re hers.
Warnings: post DH spoilers by inference
Summary: Harry's birthday brings a rather different gift than he'd thought…
Beta: The lovely [info]florida_minxie. Thank you, sweetie :)


Harry's largely unconscious body jerked and rolled, depositing him on the floor next to his bed. Another thump at the door had him scrabbling for his wand, feeling around for his glasses, which he could not find, and attempting to crank his eyelids up. He was unsuccessful in all ventures.

The door swung inward; a rather tall fuzzy shape with a red blur on top advanced into the room. Blearily, Harry attempted to identify the shape. It appeared to be roughly his own size. Ah, perhaps his distant wife had decided to wish him a pleasant birthday. How charming.

Still trying desperately to focus, he opened his arms. Never let it be said that Harry Potter wasn't willing to reconcile. The shape stepped into them tentatively. Harry's nose became aware of a whiff of musk and spices that was decidedly different from the perfume his wife generally wore. The warmth and firmness of the shape in his arms was a bit different too. Harry tipped up his face and parted his lips just slightly. He winced a bit at the thought of his morning breath. Harry wrapped his arms snugly around the shape's waist and angled his head just so, waiting patiently.


Lips touched his own – dry, warm, curious lips. Harry rubbed the lips encouragingly with his own. The arms lying on his shoulders tightened a bit. Then a warm wet tongue traced his bottom lip. Immediately, a flash of fire raced through every nerve ending in his body. The tongue slid into his mouth, leaving pinpoints of pure sensation in its wake. He never wanted to stop kissing this mouth. Harry opened a bit wider, the better to explore the mysterious and delicious cavern further. He tasted tea and lemon, with a hint of something utterly foreign, but completely addictive. A barely there moan rumbled in the back of his throat.

Harry skimmed one hand up from the shape's waist while the other hand moved down, stroking and soothing. The planes and angles of the shape were markedly different from what he'd expected. The skin, beneath thin casual robes, was smooth and silky. The warmth and firmness was strange, but welcome. As the kiss deepened, their tongues sliding over one another, Harry reflected muzzily that it was turning out to be one hell of a birthday thus far.

A gasp, a muffled squeak, and the sound of footsteps pounding down the hallway had the shape pulling out of his arms. Briefly, Harry mourned the loss. He stumbled towards where he thought the bedside table might be, in search of his glasses. A moment later, they were placed in his outstretched hand. He fumbled them into place and blinked a few times.

Harry looked up at the shape who'd delivered him such a delicious birthday kiss. For a split second he was frozen in shock. Then he choked, gasped and coughed. Simultaneously. He could feel his face turning as red as one of Molly Weasley's famous Howlers. Briefly, he wondered if he'd somehow been catapulted into an alternate universe.

Bill Weasley, his erstwhile brother in law, helpfully pounded him on the back while attempting – and failing – to control his own nervous laughter.

His voice was low and laden with arousal when he finally said, "Happy Birthday, Harry."

Before he could so much as mumble an embarrassed thank you, Bill stepped forward and kissed him again. There was quite a bit more purpose driving this kiss, Harry thought faintly as he reciprocated with just as much abandon. It had been so long….

Bill felt so good in his arms, in his mouth. He smelled amazing, musky and male, clean and sharp in Harry's nose. His skin was soft, but the muscles flexing underneath were altogether intriguing. His tongue knew what it was about, Harry decided. Yes, he could get used to this, he thought.

A dozen conflicting thoughts threatened to suck the joy right out of the passionate embrace he was currently delighting in, so Harry pushed them away and concentrated on learning the inside of Bill's mouth as thoroughly as humanly possible. He pulled Bill's tongue into his mouth, sucking it slowly. The gasp of surprised pleasure this move engendered was most gratifying, indeed.

Harry didn't think about the impending birth of his daughter, or the way Ginny had summarily dismissed him from her bed as soon as the sex of the child had been determined. He didn't think about Bill and Fleur's abrupt divorce or the hushed up scandal attached to it. Harry supposed he knew the nature of the scandal now, though.

A long, lovely time later, Bill pulled back. The tips of his ears were red, his cheeks were flushed, and he was panting lightly. Harry thought he looked altogether delicious. He made a small noise of protest, which died away as he realized that Bill's arms were still around him. Bill's deep blue eyes, clear and warm as the summer sky, rested steadily on him. He drew in a shaky breath and murmured, "Now you know why Fleur left me and Victoire."

Harry nodded. "I reckon I do."

Bill smiled then, and Harry was dazzled by the sweetness of it. The acceptance Harry found in that smile made him warm all over. Bill winked at him and ran a finger down his cheek before commenting wryly, "I suppose Ginny'll want to Bat Bogey me now?" His eyes weren't nearly as certain as his tone.

Harry snorted. "Not likely, mate. She threw me out of her bed as soon as we knew Lily was a girl. Just yesterday, she was telling me how important it is to keep up appearances in front of the children. I reckon as long as we're private about it, she won't care."

Bill's eyes widened as he considered this new information. He trailed inquisitive fingers up Harry's bicep, across his collarbone, and over his neck, finally stopping to cup his cheek. He said quietly, "I didn't plan to kiss you, you know." A pause. A deep fortifying breath. "But I'm not sorry I did."

Harry's expression smoothed and opened at that. Frank interest and arousal flashed in his eyes. "I'm not sorry either." He stepped back and out of Bill's loose embrace, catching his hand in one of his own. Smiling, he raised Bill's hand and kissed the fingers.

He resolved not to think about who might've squeaked and run away. He really didn't want to know, just now. There were much more important things to think about on his twenty seventh birthday. Things like the impending birth of his last child. His apparent freedom from marital constraints. This new and inexplicable desire he had to kiss Bill Weasley senseless as often as possible. Yes, those were interesting, vital things to think about.

Suddenly conscious of his surroundings again, he quirked a smile at Bill and said, "I need a shower. Care to join me?"

Bill's delighted laugh was all the answer he needed.

As they turned and ran towards the shower, Harry thought this just might be the best birthday ever.

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