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A Severus Snape/Harry Potter Anonymous Holiday Exchange

What is the Snarry Holidays Fest?

Snarry Holidays is an anonymous holiday gift exchange fest for Snape/Harry fans on InsaneJournal. Participants will give and receive art or fic centered around the Snarry pairing (slash, pre-slash, or gen).

Please feel free to friend or join the community!

Sign-ups begin August 21st!


It's possible I may not be online much in a week or so, depending on how various situations play out. If that happens, I'll be using dial-up for the interim, thus won't be here much because dial up takes forever, and one thing I'm losing with my job and a half is time on the 'puter. I'll manage time for email, probably, and that's about it. However, sometime in September, I will be back. So if I disappear, don't flip. Those of you who have my cell number can always get 'hold of me.

It's my intention to sign up for snarry holidays. Even if I'm not here, I'm determined to write something in plenty of time for the submission date.

Work was good; really good, in fact. It was fun, and not as messy as I'd thought. I'm glad to be going back tomorrow :)

M'tired now, so am going to veg out, read the flist and be still awhile. Oh, and do the love meme thing on Eey's journal :)
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