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FIC: Heat and Light; Hermione/Luna

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FIC: Heat and Light; Hermione/Luna

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Title: Heat and Light
Author: [info]jadzia7667
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2678
Challenge: Bringing Back the Porn for Minxie
Pairing: Hermione/Luna
Disclaimer: Not mine. The characters belong to JKR. No money is made from this work of fiction that contains fictional characters from a fictional universe.
Warnings: Ignores the epilogue. Graphic oral sex. Outdoor sex. First time. PWP.
Summary: Hermione drowses by the pond. Then…she awakens.
A/N: Everyone's of age here. Huge hugs and glomps and thanks to [info]lilyseyes for discussing this with me, dissolving the blockage, and suggesting a swim.
Beta: Unbeta'd, but I proofed it properly.

The August sun beat down pleasantly on Hermione's bare shoulders. She was propped against a tree near the pond at the Burrow, alternately reading and dozing. Bees, sleepy from the heat, buzzed pleasantly in the background, lulling her further into a most comfortable sense of lassitude. Shafts of sunlight bounced off the nearby pond, glittering in the early afternoon haze.

For the first time in recent memory, there was no urgency and nothing that had to be done. No war to fight. No spells to research. No precautions to take. There was no one to hide from and nothing to fear. Hermione allowed herself to bask in the quiet joy of a post war world.

The book wasn't terribly interesting, she found as she shifted lower and fell deeper into her thoughts. Visions of blonde hair, cerulean eyes and an otherworldly smile drifted across the surface of her mind. Chagrined, she attempted to derail that thought train. "It's impossible," she thought impatiently. The wisps of regret unsettled her and she huffed an annoyed breath as she closed her eyes against the diametric opposition of what she wanted and what she was expected to want.

She heard a vague rustling from somewhere behind her and hoped desperately that it wasn't Ron, seeking to 'build their relationship' with a few kisses and caresses that ultimately left her feeling empty and sad. She loved him, but not the way he needed to be loved. She certainly didn't love him the way he wanted her to. Hermione's eyes shot open when she heard tuneless humming along with the rustling noises. There, dancing before her, was every fantasy she'd ever had come to vivid, tempting fruition.

It wasn't Ron, thank Merlin.

Instead, Luna Lovegood strolled toward the pond, hips undulating softly with every step. Her cornsilk hair floated behind her. Her legs mesmerized Hermione, the smooth muscles of her calves flexing rhythmically. Her ankles looked so delicate, so lickable, that Hermione's mouth went dry. Her thighs were lean and athletic, but so very lush that Hermione wanted to bite into them. Repeatedly. The smooth skin of Luna's back was on display, lightly kissed by the sun, and dusted with barely there freckles. Hermione's sharp eyes picked out each one. She found herself wanting to play connect-the-dots across Luna's lovely shoulders. With her tongue.

Or possibly the delicate sharpness of a quill, but that was a fantasy for another day.

Then Luna turned to face Hermione; she felt her face begin to heat, and her heart begin to pound. A droplet of sweat began to form near her temple. Any coherent greeting she'd been planning to utter left her brain when she got her first glimpse of Luna's barely covered breasts.

The ethereal, maddening, illogical, beautiful, unattainable, unaware minx was wearing a bikini. And nothing else. A scrap of fabric hugged her breasts, barely containing the bounty that Hermione had only half suspected Luna of possessing. Her breasts were rounded and perky, firm and inviting, swaying gently with each breath Luna took. Her nipples were clearly erect beneath their covering, and Hermione desperately wanted to know the exact shade of rose that colored them.

Another scrap of fabric covered her delectable arse, and, now that she was facing Hermione, she could see how the fabric highlighted Luna's hipbones and gently caressed her mound. Her belly, smooth and soft and flawless, was exposed to Hermione's avid gaze. She wanted to sink into that unexpectedly bountiful body, lose herself in the soft skin, surround herself with the illicit temptation before her. She wanted to taste the navel that winked so enticingly at her. Hermione's cheeks flushed and her mouth fell open. Luna was beautiful and sexy and could never ever be hers. Nice witches didn't lust after other nice witches, Hermione told herself.

Luna didn't say anything; she simply smiled her vague smile and stepped towards Hermione. She extended a graceful hand, clearing her throat inquiringly. Hermione took the hand, against her better judgment, and stood. As she gained her feet, Luna tugged on her hand slightly. Perhaps she wasn't so unaware after all.

Hermione stumbled into all that soft golden skin, inhaling sharply as it made contact with her own. Luna smelled of strawberries and tea. An unusual combination, but, as with everything else about her, the scent fit Luna perfectly. Hermione's voice was low and uncertain when she spoke.

"I'm sorry…so clumsy of me." She attempted to step back, but was halted by unexpectedly strong arms sliding around her waist.

"It's all right. I wanted you to touch me." Luna smiled sunnily and Hermione felt as though there was no air left in her lungs at all. Then Luna tilted her head, again with that sense of inquiry. Her lips parted. Her face moved towards Hermione's.

Hermione felt it down to her toes when Luna's soft lips rubbed over her own. Tiny sparks were going off behind her closed eyelids. Every nerve ending in her body fired simultaneously. Her own lips parted, rubbed, moved hungrily over Luna's.

Hermione moaned softly and attempted once more to move back. "We can't…"

A sweet voice, full of determination and something else Hermione couldn't name whispered to her, "We can."

"We shouldn't."

"We should."

"It's not…"

"It is."

"I want…"

"So do I."

Those three words, spoken with the quiet ferocity that characterized Luna, made Hermione's decision for her. She settled her lips on Luna's again, tasting the yielding delight that melted her insides. Her tongue went out, begging entry into the warm moistness of Luna's heretofore unexplored mouth. The soft groan of - was that triumph? - that escaped Luna's throat enflamed Hermione beyond reason.

Her tongue swept completely into Luna's mouth, licking and sucking all that sweet pliancy into herself. Her arms came up to caress Luna's shoulders, one hand burying itself into the abundant blonde tresses at the base of her skull. She felt Luna's hands caressing her back, up and down, in firm strokes that set Hermione's skin to tingling and her pussy to moistening. Her knees turned to jelly as they kissed.

Slowly, they sank to the ground, Hermione half covering Luna. Hermione pulled back, just a little bit, planting tiny kisses along Luna's jaw and down her neck. The taste of her skin was like honey and wine, intoxicating and increasingly addictive. Hermione's lips were everywhere, moving up and down, nipping at an earlobe, then licking a swathe down the graceful neck, then nibbling at a delightfully bare collarbone, then moving back up to cover Luna's mouth once more, diving deeply into that hot, wet, inviting mouth.

Luna's hands were busy as she returned Hermione's caresses fervently. Her hands cupped Hermione's arse, caressing the rounded globes possessively. Her fingers danced across Hermione's spine, drawing another moan from her. She trembled and pressed closer to the willing and delicious body beneath hers, sliding down a bit. There was more skin to explore, more delights to uncover.

Hermione brought her hands into play as she licked and nibbled her way around Luna's throat. She squeezed those bountiful breasts gently, fingers exploring busily. She found a pert nipple and stroked it gently with the pad of her thumb. Even through the fabric, the light touch affected Luna deeply. Her eyes went wide, her breath caught in her throat, and she shuddered.

"Oh…more…please…," she moaned wantonly.

Hermione obliged, untying the knot that held the bikini top together, exposing Luna's creamy breasts to the sun and her eyes. Her nipples were flushed with blood, bright coral, and achingly hard. Hermione took one between two fingers, and pinched, rubbing her fingers together. Luna trembled and spread her legs, allowing Hermione to settle into the cradle of her pelvis as she continued to play with the evidently sensitive nipples.

Hermione blew an experimental breath across the nipple she wasn't rolling between her fingers, smiling as the skin of her breast stippled with gooseflesh, the aureola crinkled with need and the moan rumbling in Luna's throat rose higher. She bent her head and touched her tongue to the hard flesh, not moving, not sucking, not licking - just tasting the very top of the swollen skin. Her tongue flicked once, then again over the needy flesh.

Luna bucked her hips up, stroking sharply against Hermione's pussy, and keened a high, desperate noise of frustration.

Her arms tightened across Hermione's back, and her voice didn't sound at all otherworldly as she wailed, "Stop teasing and suck me!"

Hermione opened her mouth wider and surrounded that hot, hard flesh with her lips and tongue, licking and suckling at the sensitive flesh with a passion she'd never known she possessed. Luna made a noise of satisfaction that was halfway between a moan and growl. Her hands settled on Hermione's hips and pulled pressing their mounds tightly together. Then she twitched her hips up and Hermione gasped at the electric sensation of wet fabric covered flesh stroking against her own. She mourned the thin muslin shorts and scrap of bikini that separated flesh from flesh.

Luna pulled one hand away from Hermione, leaving cool emptiness in its wake. She waved the hand in a peculiar motion. Quite suddenly, both women were utterly naked. Warm wetness touched Hermione's sensitive skin and she felt her own juices rise and flow. She groaned deeply and renewed her efforts against the nipple in her mouth, tongue flicking over and around it as she sucked harder.

Hermione's fuller breasts swelled and heated against Luna. Her nipples ached and her clit throbbed. Her hips began to thrust in counterpoint to Luna's movements, increasing the friction between them. Reluctantly, she let go of Luna's breast, and blew hot breath over it, then began exploring the rest of the soft warmth beneath her fingers and tongue. She kissed her way to the other breast and paid it similar attention, relishing the minute differences in texture and reaction. Her fingers caressed Luna's waist and belly, drawing passion-filled promises of things to come.

She slid down a bit, licking and lapping at the undersides of Luna's breasts, delighting in every noise, every gasp, every shudder, every touch from Luna's restless hands, eager mouth, and wet pussy. Her senses were on overload, filled with the scent, the feel, the taste of Luna. She surrounded herself with what she'd wanted for so long now. She sank into Luna, determined to leave her mark.

They were grinding together now, their clits colliding on each upstroke. Hermione decided muzzily that it was quite the most erotic sensation she'd ever felt. Her passion rose higher, and her need to learn, to know, to discover rose with it. The bubbling fire in Hermione's veins spurred her onward and downward, heading for the prize. She felt the loss of friction in her own needy pussy most keenly, but was filled with a passionate need to pleasure this beautiful creature that had so generously accepted her attentions.

She quite forgot that Luna had actually made the first move.

Hermione placed sucking open mouthed kisses from Luna's sternum to her navel then dove inside to taste the intriguing flesh that had haunted her dreams for over a year now, ever since she'd seen Luna without her robes in the library, reaching overhead for a book. Her blouse had parted company with her skirt, and Hermione had been lost. That single glimpse of the forbidden had fuelled Hermione's fantasies in the darkest part of the night ever since.

Hermione's lips traced a path from Luna's navel to the top of the barely furred mound. She placed one hard suckling kiss above the velvety skin, leaving a red mark. She paused, looking up at Luna, who was smiling at her dreamily. Her own eyes were smiling, too, she knew. She whispered, "I've never…"

"I know. It will be all right, love."

With a deep breath, Hermione slid lower, mouth open, tongue tasting, fingers stroking. She combed the wispy golden pubic hair up, then down, finding fascination in the crisp texture and soft curls. She gently kissed the very top of Luna's slit, finding it salty and musky. The scent of Luna's sex rose and surrounded her in a cloud of sensual delight. Gently, her hands parted Luna's thighs, fingers tracing patterns in the sweat damp skin as she shifted around to find the best angle to proceed with.

She swept her tongue in a straight line from the top of Luna's slit to the wetly mysterious opening that beckoned. The taste of Luna exploded on her tongue - sweet as strawberries, sharp as fresh tea, more delicious than either. The musky undertones excited her in ways she didn't precisely understand. She only knew that she never wanted to stop tasting this woman, never wanted to stop touching her, holding her, kissing her, loving her.

Cautiously, Hermione slid one finger inside her lover, gratified at the deep moan and wracking shudder this action elicited. Her nose brushed Luna's clit, and she twitched upward. Her mouth sucked at the juicy flesh of Luna's pussy lips, and her tongue flicked up and down, then over and around Luna's clit, pressing and licking in a varied rhythm that was as erotic as it was untutored.

She slid another finger inside Luna and began to stroke in earnest, driving her lover's need higher with each thrust. Her own hips thrust blindly at the ground as she licked and sucked, thrust and fucked Luna into oblivion.

She took Luna's clit between her lips and shook her head slightly, tugging at it, then sucked gently as her fingers rubbed inside Luna's grasping channel. Judging by the whimpers and gasps, the incoherent pleas for more, and the upward movements of Luna's hips, she wasn't causing any pain. Far from it.

Finding a rhythm that seemed to work, Hermione breathed through her nose, flicked her tongue in an irregular pattern that Luna clearly approved of, thrust deeply with her fingers, and slid her other hand back up Luna's gasping body to toy with one fascinating nipple. She pinched it sharply, and was rewarded with a moaned, "Oh, God…yes…more!"

Luna's thighs were trembling and Hermione thought she might be close to climax. She smiled around the soaking wet flesh her teeth were currently teasing and redoubled her efforts, sucking at the throbbing clit even as she twisted her fingers inside the tightly clenching pussy.

With a shrieking cry, Luna's hips rose completely off the ground. Juices poured from her pussy, nearly overwhelming Hermione. She recovered quickly, lapping up the addictive nectar without once losing her pace. Luna pulsated around Hermione's fingers. She continued to thrust inside Luna, as shudders wracked her body, and she groaned deeply from somewhere deep inside herself.

"Ohhh, God. Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Hermione was gratified with this reaction. She lapped softly at the quivering flesh, soothing rather than stimulating now. She slowed her fingers, stroking softly, gentling Luna through her climax, pressing soft kisses to the pouting pussy lips, and licking gently around her fingers, delighting in the aftershocks this action produced.

Finally, Luna stilled. She panted harshly, and quivered, but her hips were still, and her legs were trembling. Slowly, Hermione kissed her way back up the beautiful body, smiling into the sweaty, spicy smelling skin, placing wet kisses randomly. She settled herself on top of her lover and kissed her slack mouth, hoping Luna liked the taste of herself.

Evidently, she did. A joyous laugh bubbled up from the center of Luna's chest. It was musical and satiated, and it made Hermione's insides clench pleasantly as her stomach flipped over.

The two women rested like that for a time, Hermione stroking Luna's hair, Luna softly touching Hermione's bare back and sides. Long moments later, she chuckled and said, "You're amazing, Hermione."

Hermione blushed with pleasure and tried to ignore her own throbbing need. She could be happy with just this, she told herself. Reciprocation wasn't necessary, really.

The wicked tone in Luna's voice made her pussy sit up and cheer a minute later.

"As soon as I can move again, love, I’m going to make you scream."

Hermione swallowed hard and kissed Luna's salacious lips again.

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