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I've been feeling music deprived lately, hence my requests for various song files. I'd just about decided to get this pay service that a lot of people said was pretty good, but I still can't afford stuff like that just yet. Three bucks is still a gallon of gas, rather than a minor indulgence, but not for long :)

So, yesterday, I downloaded bearshare - you can find 'em at http://www.bearshare.com/ I was ambivalent about doing so, because I used to use it several years ago, and ended up killing it off my 'puter because of the adware and spyware. Which took AVG about six seconds to fix, but still... The new version (6.1) has no icky hidden files. It's short to download and set up. There are megatons of music files, video files, etc, available for download, and I personally increased the number of music files on my hard drive from 326 to 607 in less than two hours. More like an hour and twenty minutes, not counting search time. It downloads FAST. *does lil twirl of happiness* I'd've done more, but, you know...I have to sleep at least once a day whether I want to or not.

Plus, there's this nifty feature that I love so very much. Say you search for 'Paradise by the Dashboard Lights' by Meatloaf. A lil box at the top of the screen allows you to download the entire Bat Out Of Hell CD, in the correct track order, if you want to. How convenient is that? I ended up with six or seven full CD's, plus a bunch of obscure Indigo Girls songs that I already have on CD (wanted a backup, in case I break 'em or something), and a song by Jewell called "Love Me, Leave Me Alone", which is nearly as good of a 'fuck you' song as the one by Panic! At the Disco. At one point, she shrieks the chorus, which made me laugh.

Then I got a whole bunch of other stuff that I actually like to listen to when I'm in a good mood *g*. You can search in fairly vague terms, too. I wanted the theme song from Charmed, so I typed in 'charmed theme' and it was right there. It's by Love Spit Love, but the title eludes me at the moment. 'Where Is Now?' maybe? I dunno. Good song, though. I found some Nickleback, some Joan Baez, some Joni Mitchell, some Sophie B. Hawkins (Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover) a buttload of Metallica, Cream, Chicago, Boston, Melissa Etheridge, Heart, Cat Powers (indie chick, interesting voice - check her out), some jazz and blues miscellany (for a certain UnEvil OverLady's coming natal day), and I'm not even close to done. At one point, I had four thousand unique tracks on my hard drive. I want 'em back. *le sigh*

My daughter is appalled that I listen to 'her' music. *snickers* She'll learn to cope.

I woke up this morning, got out of bed, and nearly froze to death. Not really, but it was FIFTY EIGHT degrees here. Autumn is definitely upon us (even though we hit eighty degrees this afternoon). There's a bite in the early morning air, the colors are crisper and sharper than they have been since May, the birds are fleeing, the raccoon family is building a den or something just inside the woods, and leaves are drifting to the ground almost before they change color. Two more weeks, and they'll be bright yellow, burnt orange, and vivid scarlet. And the grounds crew for this complex will still not have picked them up.

I'm excited about Mabon, which this year will be held on September 23rd, right after I get off work. Mabon is a harvest festival, so it's all about thankfulness for an abundance of crops, and the need to share blessings (and resources) with one another to secure the blessings of Goddess and God. Some use the term 'Lord and Lady', but it's the same concept. Mabon is a fairly recent addition to Neopagan festivals and rituals; history doesn't tell us if older cultures even celebrated the Autumn Equinox, although we know the Druids found it a significant date. Celtic peoples mostly did not, though they noted the Equinox.

I like it because it pinpoints the arrival of Autumn without the more death/grief oriented undertones of Samhain. Respect and recognition of the spirit world's influence is important of course, but sometimes, a witch just wants to celebrate, and Mabon is a wonderful opportunity to do so. I'm looking forward to our little Sabbat festival, and have hunted down my recipe for Faery Cakes so I can practice making them. I haven't in awhile, and want to be sure they'll be well received.

Today's the new moon, so I'll be doing a private ritual to observe that. There's a healing chant spell I want to do, and some candle magic I want to invoke; tonight's the perfect time to do so :) The full moon is on September 26th, so I'm contemplating an Esbat ritual, probably solitary, on that Wednesday night. Some groups celebrate both new and full moon, as well as the quarter moons, and I used to do that (probably will again, but not just now), but for now, I'm looking forward to renewing my contact with Selene, the moon Goddess aspect. She and I always did get along well, and I've missed feeling her presence.

Heh. Mandy ended up adopting a pair of kittens yesterday. She called to tell me about it, and I'm going over there tomorrow to help her settle 'em down - and have dinner. She cooks! I cook too, but still...it's nice to know she can cook. She is so excited about being a new staff member for the kitties - it's totally cute, and we had a lovely talk while I fought traffic on my way home from work.

The kittens are adorable - a brother sister pair, but they don't look alike at all. The girl is silvery blue with slate blue eyes, and the boy is black with hazel eyes. Both of 'em are long skinny domestic shorthairs, though, so hairballs will be minimal. I remember these two; they're pretty well behaved and probably won't destroy her house. Much. I'm taking kitten treats for the feline residents, and a bottle of wine for us to share :)

Ran into an old friend this morning at QT...in Westport, of all places. That's where I work (Westport, not QT), but nowhere near where I live, or where my friend lives. I was running late and needed coffee desperately, so we didn't have time to chat, but we did exchange phone numbers and email addresses, so I'm hoping to renew that friendship, too. I used to work with Vicky, about *thinks* nine years ago or so, and she's Dianic Wiccan (I used to be, till I went mostly solitary about ten years back) so I'm looking forward to making/having another friend to talk pagan stuff with. *makes note to email her before I go to bed tonight*

I'm so behind on the F-list it's not even funny. I owe comments like whoa (and a couple phone calls, too), and there's eleventy bajillion links I have saved to read. If I haven't got to yours yet, it's not for lack of interest, honest. It's all about lack of time. *sigh* I'm gonna try and get partially caught up in a minute.

I hope everyone's having a lovely week, and enjoying the cessation of heatwave, if it's leaving your area. Watch out for hurricanes and birds running rampant, k?

*hugs you all*
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