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September 9th, 2007

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This journal is now friends locked, though all the previous entries are not locked yet. I have to do it one by one, so I'll get to that as I have time.

My exwife is a ginormous pain in the arse, thus...I've chosen to F-lock all future posts, and most of the real life ones, and probably the fic too. She might decide to report me to the FBI or something.

Comment here if you'd like to be added and I don't actually know you already from LJ. If I do know you, no need to comment unless you want to.

ETA: If you're already on my F-list, I'm not taking you off, no worries. I think she's lurking, and I thought the beauty of IJ was that I wouldn't have to lock posts. Alas, I'm gonna have to, at least the personal ones. Not sure on the fic yet.

I don't really think she'd report me to the FBI, but you know...she's a whackjob. We'll see.

ETA the second, 9/21/7 I'm not making this journal friends only. It's entirely too much work, and frankly, she's not worth the effort. I'll lock the posts I want to lock, and the hell with everything else.
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