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August 12th, 2007

Happiness is...

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Chocolate fudge cake, with sugar free icing, so I don't have to feel quite so guilty for scarfing it.

Having an excellent time at work. Whee! I successfully resisted the urge to adopt the sweetest lil kitties today. They are calico brothers with pretty green eyes. It was amusing to watch people maneuver around our entirely too small parking lot, too.

The Love Meme over at Eeyore9990's IJ. IJ is down just now, but it'll be back.

A daughter who vacuums just as I'm returning from work - the entire house. *snuggles her baby again*

Allergy medicine that works. Quickly. Ditto for asthma breathing treatment.

Fresh coffee, enough sugar substitute to last me a bit, and sugar free cream in French Vanilla. Yum.

The absence of stress for several more hours.

A distinct lack of laundry to do.

Being flirted at by a twenty one year old baby dyke. *g* Cute as a button, she was. It was quite flattering.

A stack of books I haven't read yet.

Signing up for a fic exchange, secure in the knowledge that I'll have enough time to complete it. Not to mention some comfidence that my creativity is coming back a bit.

Cooler breezes, lack of clouds, and a peripheral sighting of a fox in the woods.

Comfy telephone conversations with a brilliant friend who simply called to ask how my day was.

Candles that smell of the sea.

My lovely, wonderful F-list.

Purple sparkly silliness :)

Problems are problems, and I've got plenty of those, but today is a day to count blessings, so there's a few.
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